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Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch screen kiosTouch Screen Kiosks (Chassis only)


We have variety type of kiosk turn key prepare for your touch screen solution -->  Information Kiosk  ,  Digital Signage Kiosk  , Passbook Kiosk  , Duo Kiosk etc. Click on the pictures to see more details :



  DS-12 42 Inches Kiosk IDS-15 42 Inches Kiosk Duosign Kiosk

  Duosign 03 Kiosk Duosign 40 Inches Kiosk Interactive Digital Signage 01 Kiosk

   Interactive Duo Signage 01 Kiosk Interactive Signage 001 Kiosk Interactive Signage 003 Kiosk for Termal Printer

  KML-I7 Finger Scan Kiosk Self Service Kiosk 02 Signage 004 Kiosk 32 Inches

  SR-2 Kiosk TTS-17 Passbook Kiosk Kiosk TV-32

  Wall Mount Order Food Kiosk SPI Wall Mount Kiosk



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